WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | Strength. Balance. Transformation.
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Strength. Balance. Transformation.

 Located 5 minutes from downtown Asheville, WellSpring is a sanctuary

whose mission is to motivate you to: 


Develop the strength and courage to evolve and grow. 

 Create balance in your inner and outer life.

Experience transformation through the power of consciousness.


Consciousness Studies

Our pioneering workshops are designed around the development of consciousness which is essential to mental, physical and emotional wellness. Understood correctly, consciousness paves the way for you to create joy, fulfillment and understanding in your life just as it is right now, exactly where you are.

Individual Services

Think of WellSpring as a sanctuary with a team of talented and passionate practitioners dedicated to providing you with exceptional services in the arenas of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


The purpose of WellSpring Wellness Center is to lead you to increased

mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness

through quality individual services and transformational workshops.