WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | Robert Wilkinson, Astrologer-Cosmologist
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Robert Wilkinson, Astrologer-Cosmologist

Robert Wilkinson

As an astrologer-cosmologist, Robert has lectured throughout the world on the subjects of cosmology, yoga, evolutionary philosophy, spirituality and science. An accomplished Astrologer / Cosmologist / Author and International Teacher on the subject of Time, Consciousness, Yoga, Vedic Metaphysics and Spiritual Philosophy, Robert is on the faculty of the Aeon Centre of Cosmology in South India and President of Aeon Group USA. His field of expertise is the evolutionary philosophy of Sri Aurobindo involving the deployment of the Supermind in our increasingly chaotic world.


Born in 1943, Robert resides near Asheville, N.C. He has spent most of his adult life as a student of the Supramental Yoga established by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, known to her students throughout the world as ‘Thea’. Robert’s primary area of interest is the role of applied cosmology in the areas of science, yoga and human development. Over the last 25 years he has worked closely with Thea and her students exploring the deepest aspects of the Supramental Yoga including a new model of Time as an aid in the realization of a Gnostic consciousness. Robert is the president of Æon Group, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the promotion of the new Supramental Cosmology. He is a member of the Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom, an international organization committed to the revival of the ancient Vedic knowledge and the reform of the Hindu Calendar.


Robert is also a key contributor and designer of the exceptional curriculum that makes up Consciousness Studies. A writer and blogger, Robert has published numerous articles on the subjects of Indian spirituality, yoga, sacred architecture, physics and Vedic cosmology. He is the author of “Veda – The Supreme Science of Creation.”