WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | The Realignment Workshop
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The $495.00 workshop is offered at $250.00 (50% discount) if you sign up by March 31.



Why are you here? Everything in our world has a center, an axis, whether it be the earth, a hurricane or an acorn. For the expansion of our consciousness to be a lived experience, we must first create our own center that is unthreatenable and not dependent on external dynamics. This experiential workshop is about extricating yourself from the dramas in your life and establishing your true center, a center that can hold in the middle of change, uncertainty, and fear.



  • Increase your understanding of consciousness and how to apply it.
  • Learn how to distinguish between cause and effect, reality from drama.
  • Create a center of cause and will about your life that is not dependent on the outer world.
  • Realign the path of your life to a conscious path to knowledge, joy and well-being.



  • Understand and clarify the purpose of your life.
  • Utilize the knowledge you gain about your remarkable Self and how you work from the inside-out.
  • Walk away with a greater sense of certainty and confidence in creating the life you desire.



$495.00 (Weekend programs begin 6:00 PM Friday evening / End 3:00 PM Sunday afternoon)

$995.00 (Week intensives begin 1:00 PM Monday / End 12:00 PM Friday)