WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | Parenting Like a Guru
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Raising children is a rewarding and often challenging endeavor with the capacity for unending joy and unbearable heartache. Parenting requires significant time and energy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Yet, most of us have little training for the job and tend to base our parenting patterns on the experiences we had as children, consciously or unconsciously. You take it in as a son…you put it out as a father. You take it in as a daughter…you put it out as a mother. You take it in as a child…you put it out as a parent. Growing up, few people report that they enjoyed the way they were parented.


“Parenting like a Guru” teaches skills in the areas of understanding developmental stages of children, parenting and learning styles, and dealing with conflict and disagreement. Through relevant and engaging interactions, you will gain significant insights and tools to increase your success as a parent.


“Parenting like a Guru” teaches strategies for creating open communication, teaching your children to be accountable for their behaviors and teaching the skills your children need to realize their unique gifts and talents in life. Parents of children of any age will gain a heightened understanding of how to guide their children into a healthy and powerful future.


The program is suitable for parents of any age, including empty-nesters who still wish to play a pivotal role in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Haydn and Terry Hasty, husband and wife with four children and three grandchildren, President and Vice-President of WellSpring, are the facilitators for your program.



$195.00 (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM)