WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | Lesha Jacyszyn
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Lesha Jacyszyn

Lesha Jacyszyn, Licensed Acupuncturist

Lesha Jacyszyn L.Ac. is licensed and trained in all aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine and specializes in the area of digestive health issues. She provides relief for those who suffer with I.B.S., Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, GERD, and gastritis.¬† She also helps manage weight loss, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Lesha uses a holistic approach to balance the root cause of a person’s condition through a combination of acupuncture, customized herbal formulas, dietary therapy and lifestyle guidance. She also is trained in tui na (twee nah) which is a type of Chinese medical massage for people in pain.


This massage is more invigorating than a spa style massage to increase blood circulation, break up adhesions in the fascia and increase the flow of Qi. Tui na incorporates gentle stretches as well, and feels great. Lesha also provides cupping therapy and gua sha.


For those looking for a psycho/emotional/spiritual balancing session for anxiety, depression, or just feeling “off”, Lesha is trained in esoteric acupuncture developed by renowned practitioner Dr. Mikio Sankey. This form of acupuncture uses sacred geometry patterns that are gridded onto the body using key acupuncture points that balance the emotions of love and fear. After a session, many people experience shifts of¬†consciousness with gifts of personal insight.