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Contact Robert directly to request your Indra report at 828-620-2205 / robtw@sprynet.com.


The Indra report is a personal astrological birth report. A valuable tool for anyone wishing deeper insight into life, this comprehensive computer generated in-depth report describes the talents and complexities of each individual. An objective 30-35 page interpretation of your situation based on the astrology chart at the time of your birth, the Indra report describes basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite of your life.


Although the Indra report is a computerized report, it is an incredibly accurate, valuable tool as it furthers the process of self-awareness and introspection and provides guidelines for personal improvement and self-discovery.


You may wish to schedule a telephone or face-to-face conference with Robert Wilkinson to review your Indra report in depth. Robert will answer any questions you may have and help you identify immediate steps for improving your life and work.


Robert Wilkinson’s primary area of expertise is the role of applied cosmology in the areas of science, psychology and human development. He has lectured throughout the world on the subject of cosmology, yoga, evolutionary philosophy, spirituality and science.