WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | Dr. Elizabeth Pavka, Nutritionist
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Dr. Elizabeth Pavka, Nutritionist


Dr. Elizabeth Pavka, Nutritionist

Services: Nutritional Counseling


Unhealthy life-style choices, genetics, and aging contribute to a weakening of our body’s systems. You can reverse this process by making healthier choices about the foods you eat, getting ample rest, exercising regularly, and taking good quality nutritional supplements. Small changes in lifestyle can have a huge impact on your energy level and your total state of well-being. A balanced program — tailored for you — assists your body’s innate healing ability.


The building blocks for every cell and substance in your body and brain come from what you eat and drink and breathe. Despite what the government and Food Pyramid tells us, every person is not supposed to eat the same way. Each person’s nutritional needs are unique. Some people experience better health by eating according to their blood type, while others do well on a Zone-type diet, and still others benefit from a high complex carbohydrate vegetarian meal plan. And for some, a blood test to assess specific food sensitivities can be a giant step towards determining which foods to eliminate. By tuning in to your specific nutritional requirements you can give your body what it needs to stimulate its own innate healing response.


People become motivated by learning more about themselves and by feeling changes in their body. Please remember that people don’t get ill overnight, that healing takes time, and that progress is the goal. I consult by appointment with individuals, couples, families, and other small groups of people in my office, as well as by phone. During our time together we can work on a wide variety of concerns and health conditions.


Here is a partial list:


How to eat healthier foods, create a personalized meal plan
All types of intestinal and digestive conditions, constipation, diarrhea
Food sensitivities
Weight loss, weight gain, compulsive overeating, anorexia, bulimia
Skin problems, acne, eczema, psoriasis
Menopause and PMS
Focus and attention problems, ADD/ADHD
Children’s feeding issues
Brain conditions, dementia, Alzheimer’s
Fertility issues, preconceptual care, and pregnancy
FIbromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome


Each client receives an individualized program based on her or his unique biochemical needs, lifestyle, and current nutritional knowledge. We work together as a team to develop a program designed to optimize your health. Approaches may include: 1) creating a food plan consistent with your unique needs and lifestyle; 2) vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements; 3) self-assessments: 4) laboratory testing for GI tract function, food sensitivities, hormone levels, and others; 5) detoxification programs; and 6) referral to health care providers who provide expertise in areas such as chiropractic, massage, stress management, colonics, and others. I may refer you to your own physician for specific laboratory tests, and welcome the opportunity to work effectively as part of your health care team.