WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC | Consciousness Studies
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Consciousness Studies

WellSpring is an incubator of higher consciousness, creating a global community of those who aspire to know and to be more. The exceptional curriculum  focuses on the development of consciousness, the acquisition of real knowledge, and seeing yourself and the world differently through that knowledge. It is the realization of a true center in your life, allowing you to enjoy the experience and clarity of your true Self.

At rest or in motion, your body is intended to live out the essential life that lies within you, the innate true image of who you really are. These workshops are experiential, challenging and innovative with a strong focus on application, equipping you with the wisdom and tools to create a purposeful, healthy and joyful future.



The Realignment Workshop

Everything in our world has a center, an axis, whether it be the earth, an acorn or a hurricane. To have the lived experience of joy, peace and abundance, you must realign your life on your true center that is indestructible and not dependent on external supports or events. That is the center that holds in the middle of a storm…Read More


The Health and Healing Workshop

…when there is inner turmoil, whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, this “suffering” inevitably invites negative outer circumstances, an accident, or illness. In a true understanding of the forces related to illness, the illness itself becomes a means to realize strength, balance, and transformation in your life…Read More


The Loss, Grief and Surrender Workshop

There are so many losses in life, from losing a loved one, losing a job, getting divorced or experiencing heartbreak to loss of financial security. When we secure a higher poise through greater understanding, we see a hidden harmony, order and meaning to all events in our lives. Read More


The Gnostic Circle

The Gnostic Circle is the most effective method for understanding the transformation of human consciousness. It represents a vision of wholeness and has only one objective: it deals with the soul or seed of the divine in each human being and reveals the process by which the individual is made to flower in its process of becoming. (read more)



The Mystery School for Men and Women

The understanding of self-awareness and the mind has increased dramatically over the last 3o years and yet our embattled world continues to suffer under the weight of corruption, climate-change, terrorism, racism. greed, fanaticism and a host of other dynamics. All of these effects are a result of ignorance. Identifying the wisdom needed to transform ignorance into knowledge is the purpose of “The Mystery School for Men and Women…” Read More


Discovering, Embracing and Untying Your “Knot” Workshop

But what you have not dealt with or overcome in the past has the nagging habit of returning again and again, each time with a slightly different appearance, but basically always identical, until you confront the old knot and untie it…Read More


The Next Step for Mental Health Practitioners

The goal of this workshop is to help the practitioner increase her / his abilities to help others by turning essential possibilities into dynamic potentialities through a greater understanding of consciousness…Read More




My WellSpring Experience

Rejuvenating and inspiring, “My WellSpring Experience” is an integrated approach to wellness, combining all of the services and talents of our practitioners and designing a one-day or multiple day experience. It is a unique…Read More.


Cycles, Themes and Archetypes: Your Individual Astrological Forecast

You will receive an url to download a .mp3 file of your astrological forecast, a description of upcoming events and a detailed discussion of your position in the cosmological cycles that identifies the overriding themes of your everyday lived experience…Read More


Beyond Therapy: The Power of Consciousness

The problems you face will not be solved through technological developments, therapy, religion or medication. “Stuff” is not going to make you happy no matter how much “stuff” you have…Read More