Discovering, Embracing and Untying Your "Knot" Workshop - WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC
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The mental issues, addictions and “knots” that have become part of your life originated in those significant emotional experiences that were part of your past. Your responses to those events became embedded in the very fiber and sinew of the musculature of your body. Many of those experiences have been relegated to your subconscious, to the days and years of forgotten memories. But alive they are. The long-term habits as dictated by your central nervous system that have held your body together have created an elaborate and vast defensive system of beliefs, perceptions, positions, fears, and responses that have allowed you to survive those events. Medco’s 2011 report, State-of-America’s-Mind, portrays a dismal picture of mental health in the US.


But what you have not dealt with or overcome in the past has the nagging habit of returning again and again, each time with a slightly different appearance, but basically always identical, until you confront the old knot and untie it. It is a narrow, scared, and unconscious mind that uses the same old solutions in the present that didn’t even work in the past, that with great reliability anticipates the very worst while remaining totally skeptical of anything new and sets up mountains of objections to change, just repeating itself inside of us over and over and over. It’s easy to understand that the abnormal becomes normalized over time.


The problem with depression isn’t depression. The problem with anxiety isn’t anxiety. The problem with addiction isn’t addiction. With that in mind, let’s begin with a different understanding:

  • You become what you see in yourself. What you see in yourself, you see out there in the world.
  • So as your mind is, so will your life be.
  • If you want to improve your life, your effort should not be so much to struggle against your “knot,” as it is to come to an understanding of the truth that un-ties the “knot.”
  • The “knot” then becomes a valuable tool that you created to become what you are capable of being.
  • No one experiences “heaven” without experiencing “hell.”


Your life is precious, sacred and  carries  within it a special mission, a special path. The true purpose of your “knot”  is to help you realize this path. The intention of “Discovering, Embracing and Untying and Your ‘Knot’ Workshop” is to significantly increase your consciousness about your “knot”  and how to begin walking a conscious path to truth, peace, and fulfilling the innate image of who you really are.


Program Costs: $395.00 (Weekend program begins 6:00 PM Friday evening /Ends 3:00 PM Sunday afternoon)



Please call us at (828) 298-2488 for questions or inquires. Or contact us online.