The Journey of Consciousness Year Program - WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC
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The year program (second Saturday each month beginning January 13, 2018) with Robert Wilkinson, an accomplished astrologer-cosmologist, focuses on the Gnostic Circle and the evolution of consciousness as the the main feature of our existence.


The year program is intended not only for serious seekers as well as those who are ready to begin a conscious path of exploration and implementation of new paradigms. Participants will explore various realms of consciousness, as well as the means of their realization. Using the the works of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, and Patrizia Noreilla-Bachelet, Robert will guide the participant into a full understanding of how time and cosmology are the keys to the realization of greater consciousness and the Soul.


From Satprem’s “Sri Aurobindo: The Adventure of Consciousness,” we are told, “The age of adventure is over. Even if we reach the seventh galaxy, we will go there helmeted and mechanized, and it will not change a thing for us; we will find ourselves exactly as we are now: helpless children in the face of death, living beings who are not too sure how they live, why they are alive, or where they are going. Hence, with our backs against the wall, we are facing the last territory left for us to explore, the ultimate adventure: ourselves.”


The year program unveils a twofold discovery which we so urgently need if we want to find an intelligible meaning to the chaos we live in, as well as a key for transforming our world. The purpose of this program is to guide the participant to the threshold of the great secret that is to change the face of this world, namely, that consciousness is power.


If we proceed calmly, patiently, and with sincerity, bravely facing the difficulties of our lives, there is no reason the window should not open to us, revealing new horizons. Actually, it is not one but numerous windows that open one after another, each time on a wider perspective. This change of consciousness is as radical as going from sleep to the waking state.


Join Robert in this life-changing experience. Participants’ preferences will be considered in determining the remainder of program dates in the November 5 program.


Robert is an accomplished Astrologer / Cosmologist / Author and International Teacher on the subject of Time, Consciousness, Yoga, Vedic Metaphysics and Spiritual Philosophy. Robert is on the faculty of the Aeon Centre of Cosmology in South India and President of Aeon Group USA. His field of expertise is the evolutionary philosophy of Sri Aurobindo involving the deployment of the Supermind in our increasingly chaotic world.  Robert is viewed as a Seer by many whose many talents involve the role of applied cosmology in the areas of science, psychology and human development. He has lectured throughout the world on the subject of cosmology, yoga, evolutionary philosophy, spirituality and science.


Program Costs: $1,800.00 (10 Saturdays over the course of 2018 / Each second Saturday program of each month is 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.)



Please call us at (828) 298-2488 for questions or inquires. Or contact us online.