Brent Neely, Owner, Neely School of T'ai Chi - WellSpring Wellness Center Asheville NC
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Brent Neely, Owner, Neely School of T’ai Chi


Brent Neely, Owner, Neely School of T’ai Chi


Classes take place each Thursday night at 6:00 PM.


The gentle art of Taiji has been shown to ease stress, calm the mind and body, and produce a
feeling of general well being, Practicing Taiji also has proven to improve balance, increase bone
density, lower blood pressure, increase immune response and help counter act symptoms of
neural muscular illnesses. Taiji is not an impact exercise, there for it can be practiced by young
and old alike. Space requirements are minimal. And, with only 10-15 minutes per day required
of practicing this quiet exercise for these benefits, Taiji becomes an ideal daily exercise program
for health and well being.